Outfoxed and trust networks, revisted

I think everyone should revisit Outfoxed, if you’re interested in a truly interesting new approach to bookmarking and web browsing that actually takes advantage of all this “Web 2.0” hype and nonsense. I just mentioned this to Free Coders on the mailing list yesterday. The application of “trust-based networks” is very wide. I think it’s … Continue reading Outfoxed and trust networks, revisted

N-way parallel mail retrieval with getmail and bash

I wrote a pretty sweet script tonight. It parallelizes the getmail retrieval process, while still printing prefixes so I know which accounts download which messages. This means that instead of my mail fetching process taking sum(i1,…,in), where i is the length of time for a given mail retrieval, my fetching process now takes max(i1,…,in). #!/bin/sh … Continue reading N-way parallel mail retrieval with getmail and bash

Contact Me

You can find me on these sites: Twitter (instantaneously) LinkedIn (professionally) AngelList (advisingly) Instapaper (interestingly) GitHub (technically) Keybase (securely) Facebook (misanthropically) Flickr (visually) If you are interested in contacting me about Parse.ly, please see my profile and our press page for more information. If you wish to contact me directly, the best way is usually … Continue reading Contact Me

About Me

This is Andrew Montalenti’s personal site for code, essays, and ideas. Andrew is the current Chief Product Officer (and founding CTO) of Parse.ly. He’s a long-time Pythonista, as well as a founder of startups and other projects. He codes primarily in Python, JavaScript, Clojure, and C. Andrew is also an engineering manager who has been … Continue reading About Me