You can find many of my photos publicly on Flickr (since ~2010), although the bulk of my photography since 2017 is hosted privately via Google Photos.

I’m a fan of photography, and I shoot on Canon DSLR bodies and Canon EF mount lenses. From 2010-2022, I used the T2i (aka 550d), a classic lightweight crop-sensor body. From 2022 onward, I primarily use the full-frame 5D Mark III (aka 5d3). I also shoot stills and video on mirrorless with the crop-sensor Canon R7 and an RF-EF adapter. I only have one RF lens at the moment, but I have several EF lenses, both primes and zooms, and I use them interchangeably across my EF (5d3) and RF (R7) camera bodies. For phone photography, I use the impressive Google Pixel camera arrays.

For serious shooting, I prefer DSLRs and optical viewfinders despite the obvious technical advantages during exposure that come from mirrorless designs. My photography on DSLRs is further enhanced by the marvel of open source firmware hacking, Magic Lantern. For the mirrorless R7 and the compact Google Pixel, I’m forced to rely upon the stock firmware/software, for now!

You might have stumbled upon this page looking for photos of me. If so, here’s a late-2019 photo of me:

2020 selfie portrait

And here’s a photo of me with part of the team in NYC around 2018:

Andrew Montalenti headshot

Finally, here’s the photo that serves as my official headshot in various casual settings and social networks:

Andrew Montalenti headshot

I also take a lot of photos of my dog, Kevin. You can see those at Here’s my favorite photo I took of him as a puppy at a few weeks old:

My favorite pic of puppy Kevin -- being held by Olivia