Idiomatic Python Resources

Let’s say you’ve just joined my team and want to become an idiomatic Python programmer. Where do you begin?

Well, you can move up the learning curve quickly using resources from this blog:

I also have some good resources on web development with Python:

And on more advanced Python concepts, like dunders and functional programming:

You can also gain a lot by checking out great talks from prior PyCon’s — I have a couple of round-ups here:

Two talks, in particular, will do well to teach you “the Python way”. These are:

The wider web has a slew of free, idiomatic Python references.

Since building and doing is the path to “best practice”, you might want to build yourself a small web application with Flask. The Flask documentation also exhibits really good Python style, in both code and documentation:

Two Python masters who will teach you about Python style and internals (respectively) are Hettinger and Beazley. Many of their talks are recorded at these links. Growing to love their talks has become a rite of passage for many an idiomatic Python programmer.

See especially Hettinger’s:

Happy hacking!

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