Way more interesting than YouTube

I found a site today called “Fora.tv”. It’s way more interesting than YouTube: it’s a free video site that features intellectuals and figures in public discourse.

Perfect for my commute. Up till now, I’ve been depending on PBS, which has good content, but doesn’t give it all away for free.

Check it out: Fora.tv.

In particular, there’s a talk by Peter Barnes (author of Capitalism 3.0) in there.

2 thoughts on “Way more interesting than YouTube”

  1. I saw this, too. I’m excited to find it because I’m sick of Ann Coulter and James Carville digesting our news for us. Finally people who really know what’s going on are given a platform. I found Olivier Roy talking about Western society and Islam compatibility particularly compelling.

  2. Amen to that. How is it that every time I flip on the TV news, it’s either I get a member of the American Enterprise Institute or a Weekly Standard editor? Ick.

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