I just wrote a ~1000 word e-mail in a web-based mail client. When I clicked “send” it told me my session had timed out.

And then the e-mail was gone.

This is why I _hate_ web applications. I am so depressed.

2 thoughts on “Depressed”

  1. I think this is about to dissapear. I don’t know how they do it, but if you post to LiveJournal using mozilla-firefox, this sort of thing doesn’t happen. I have no idea what they do to prevent it, but it’s very nice, whatever it is.

    if LJ can do this, then the rest of the web-based world can learn to as well, even if it means switching to firefox, or away from firefox to something else. It’s coming, sooner or later.

    I’ve done that more than a few times on Lynx, and early versions of Netscape; the internet feels your pain, and SERVER will provide!

    That and of course, there’s no guarantee that local-run programs won’t trash all your data, but there’s a certain feeling of helplessness when the bug is thousands of miles away in cabling and routers.

  2. Hey themusicgod1, thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, admittedly the web application is a bit old-fashioned. It was SqWebMail. (Although, SqWebMail, however bad it is on the UI side, is very fast at accessing my maildirs on the server side and pushing them to my browser, good for my big inboxes). Perhaps one of these days I’ll switch over to Horde or something.

    Most good web developers know to do something smarter than just dump the current query into a black hole if the session expires. But unfortunately, this time I “really” lost it. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, however, if Firefox (or any other browser) kept a “history file” for all recently-entered form data. This way, if something like that (a crash, accidentially closing a window, or session expiring) happens, at least there is recourse to recover your content.

    Implementation of such a thing has just made my “hacking wishlist.” Expect it in 2-5 years 🙂

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